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  Can I apply for more than one Board or Commission?
Yes, but a separate application is necessary for each position. In an effort to provide broad county representation, applicants may serve on only one board or committee at a time, unless the Board of County Commissioners grants an exception.
When are appointments made?
Annual appointments are made the second Tuesday in February. Appointments to mid year vacancies are made as necessary.
What are the requirements to serve on an advisory committee?
Requirements vary by board. For specific requirements, see the board or committee description.
Do I need previous experience to apply?
No. Prior experience is not required.
How long can I serve?
Term length varies by board or committee. For specific requirements, see the board or committee overview.
Do I receive compensation for serving on an advisory committee?
Only Planning Commission members are paid for their service, and are paid $35 per meeting. Citizens who donate their time to serve on a board or committee are considered volunteers and are not entitled to compensation, or covered under the County's Worker's Compensation Insurance. Further, the County will not pay for medical treatment for physical injuries to volunteers, which occur within the scope of their volunteer activities.
Do I have to be a resident of Arapahoe County?
Applicants need to be either a resident or a business owner of real property in Arapahoe County. The Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment members must reside in unincorporated Arapahoe County.
Who do I contact for more information on a specific advisory board or committee?
Contact names and telephone numbers are listed in the overview section (located on the left hand side of the web page) of each advisory committee.
When do the advisory committees meet?
Each advisory committee has separate meeting dates and times. Check the overview section for specifics on meeting times.
What is the process to resign from an advisory committee?
Resignation letters should be sent to the Board of County Commissioners at 5334 South Prince Street, Littleton, CO, 80166. The Commissioners appreciate a thirty-day notice to allow time for a replacement to be appointed.