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As a resident, you are welcome and invited to help shape the community in which you live in by participating in Arapahoe County government.  One of the most effective methods of citizen involvement is to serve on one of the County's Citizen Advisory Boards and Committees. Through this system, civic-minded citizens can get involved in county government and help make Arapahoe County a great place to live, work and play. The County, in turn, benefits from your knowledge, experience and expertise.

The Board of County Commissioners appoint citizens to the County's various Boards and Commissioners. Some of the appointments are made by the Board as a whole, and some are appointed by individual Commissioners. Most term limits expire in February except for the Cultural Council and Open Space and Trails Advisory Board. Cultural Council appointments expire in November, and Open Space appointments expire in June. Openings that occur mid-year are filled at that time. Applications are accepted year-round (a position need not be open to submit an application).

A completed County application form and resume is required of anyone wishing to be considered for appointment to a citizen position on one of the Boards or Commissions. To apply online, click on "View Vacancies" or "View All" above. Arapahoe County accepts applications for all open or closed Boards and Commissions. You may also mail an application to Arapahoe County. Click the 'Print Application' link below to print the application.

We also suggest you consider attending a meeting to learn more about the committee. Please note that a separate application is required for each Board or Committee you apply for. If you have questions, please call the BOCC Administration Office at 303-795-4630. Thank you for your interest in Arapahoe County. We appreciate your willingness to serve.