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The staff contact is John Christofferson at 303-795-4407
Meetings are Annual meetings with special meetings as needed.
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The Arapahoe County Foundation, Inc. is a Colorado non-profit corporation organized as a 501 (c) (3) entity that accepts gifts, grants and contributions on behalf of Arapahoe County and Arapahoe County's programs, services and special events. The Foundation provides funding to support and enhance the Arapahoe County Fair, sponsors special events and promotional activities and contributes to other local programs that promote the health, safety and welfare of citizens.
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Current MembersStart of TermEnd of Term
Bill Holen02/13/201802/11/2020
Brad Hughes 02/11/2020
Don Klemme02/13/201802/11/2020
Heidi Haines10/08/201902/09/2021
Janet Kennedy02/13/201802/11/2020
Jeff Baker02/13/201802/11/2020
John Ronquillo02/11/201902/11/2020
Nancy Jackson02/13/201802/11/2020
Raylene Owen02/13/2018